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Ever have challenges with your support team?

Not sure if you have the right people on the bus?

Or worse, know for a fact you’ve got the wrong team in place but just don't know how to fix it?

Dream Team

This is a free, information-packed webinar, so block out an hour in your diary right now and we’ll get you on the right track to a dream team.

3 Reasons Why You Should Watch

  1. I'll show you how to quickly and easily identify whether a team member you're not quite sure about is a good fit for your business or not. By the time we’re finished you’ll have absolute clarity on these 50/50 people. Are they in or are they out?

  2. I’ll provide four game changing ideas that will help you to improve your selection, recruitment and retention going forward.

  3. I’ll show you how to blend the best mix of in-house and outsourced team members. This one tip can help relieve the recruitment pressure on you and your business.

I’m going to get specific and tell you exactly what you’ll need to do to fix your team issues.

What You’ll learn

On this free webinar training, I’ll be covering:

  • Why you must build a support team regardless of your business type

  • How you can tell if you’ve got the wrong team in place (and how to fix it)

  • Why training and developing inadequate team members is just going to take up a load of time you don’t have right now

  • The six attributes that all great team members will possess

  • The four keys that will help you find and assemble your perfect team

  • The 400% productivity payoff that you’ll get from hiring the right people

Building The Perfect Team

To really get your business firing you’ve got to have fantastic people around you. Each of them has to know their role inside out and do it better than you ever could. Otherwise you end up with everything bouncing back to your desk. Rather than leveraging your time, it bogs you down. In short, it's a situation that's not good for you or your business.

I’ve helped loads of firms just like yours, sort out 'the team issue' once and for all.



When You Get This Right, Your Business Works Better
And Your Life Works Better.

If you’ve been less than fantastic at recruiting the right people in the past, watch the free webinar and let me help..

I can’t wait to share this business-changing information with you.

Brett Davidson


When you work with FP Advance you work with me, Brett Davidson.


My motto is ‘advise better, live better’ and I practice what I preach. I'm straight talking and get to the heart of an issue quickly. There's no beating about the bush, just a focus on helping things improve.

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