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Or, You Can Work Smart And Have The Life You Imagined.

We’ll show you how, step by step - with our powerful, online course...
The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Financial Planning Business. 

Most financial advisers hit a wall. If you’re one of them, you probably feel like:


•  You’re working too hard without getting the big results you want.

•  Your business is running away from you, always operating by default rather than by design.

•  That dream life you want for yourself is always just out of reach.


What if you could get in total control of your business and break through to a new level of income?


What if, 3 months from now, your financial planning business could be as rewarding - both financially and emotionally - as you dreamed it would be when you started?


This course is for you if you want to... 


•  Achieve a drastically better quality of life - without having to expand the size of your company

•  Get beyond the 6-figure plateau and break through the £1M and £2M revenue barriers.

•  Dramatically improve communication and decision making within a partnership (or a husband & wife team)


We’ve helped hundreds of firms and solo businesses do all of the above.


The step-by-step system we used to lead them to a more profitable, smoothly managed state proved so consistently effective that we knew we had to turn it into a course -- so that the same knowledge we share one-on-one is available to any advisor out there who wants to “do it right.” 


In fact, these are the exact steps we’ve used in our own business. (Yes, we used to spin our wheels, too.)


...Because no financial planning business will ever get out of stuck mode without these things:


•  A feeling of being in control of your business (rather than it being in control of you).

•  Smooth communication between the partners in the firm (the same will apply if you’re a husband and wife business) 

•  Astute decision making (because you’ll be planning ahead).

•  Your whole team buying into your vision and being excited by it

•  Consistently growing revenue.

•  Significant profitability (turnover is vanity, profit is sanity).

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to put a tick next to every item above. 


....Even if you don’t think you have time to do anything more than you’re doing now
....Even if you’re afraid that delegating certain tasks means they’ll fall through the cracks

....Even if you’ve bought other courses before and not used them. 

We’ve made sure this one is compelling, do-able, and easy to stick with.

What you’ll learn:


The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Financial Planning Business covers the five core areas for managing a small business:


•  Creating an effective business plan - so you know where you’re going

•  Setting quarterly objectives that you can (and will) hit - to build confidence in yourself

•  Executing your ideas in small, weekly, actionable steps - moving the needle in your business week after week

•  Communicating your vision and objectives to the rest of your team - to get the support you need

•  Monitoring results and obtaining feedback from your business numbers - which provides positive reinforcement or feedback    on what to work on next

What you’ll get:​​


(The Next Best Thing To Brett Walking You Through Every Step In Person)


•  A full business plan template and a whole module where Brett facilitates the planning session for you, as if he were there          personally.

•  Plug-in-the-numbers spreadsheets that will help you calculate your financial ratios and profit margins correctly. All the              formulas are locked in, so all you need to do is enter the data.

•  A complete communication strategy, and how to run brilliant “State of the Nation” meetings to help you get your team on          board with your vision.

•  “Instant Clarity” workbooks full of amazing questions that will help you understand your business and your big-picture goals     better than ever before.

•  A “rinse-and-repeat” system to get you hitting those elusive dream numbers you’ve been chasing your whole career. 

•  If you ever wished you could open a box and find and improved business inside, this is it. 



The VIP upgrade provides direct access to Brett (so he can help keep you on track and review your business progress).

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