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How would it feel to have a winning financial planning business...
...without losing your soul?

You’re about to make a decision that could transform your Financial Planning business... ...and your life:

Is this the year you’ll start to see bigger profits?


Is this the year you’ll be able to take that 2-week Caribbean holiday while your company hums along without you?


Is this the year you’ll go from toughing it having a lucrative, meaningful business that will set you up for life?


In other words --


Is this the year you’ll join our course, Uncover Your Business Potential?


Uncover Your Business Potential is now in its fifth year and has become the go-to course for professionals just like you to:


  • Increase revenue and profitability

  • Feel more in control

  • Make better decisions

  • And get stuff done

And that’s just what I wanted when I created this course.


What's Your Potential?


Many advisory businesses survive, yet they don’t quite thrive the way their owners imagined when they started out. Are you one of them?

5 common signs your business isn’t performing optimally


1. You work too hard: It might not look like you’re under pressure to an outside observer. We get pretty good at covering this up. But the bags under your eyes don’t lie.


2. You feel like you work for your staff: Remember, they’re supposed to work for you. Do jobs keep bouncing back to you? When it feels easier to just do things yourself, you’re headed for trouble.


3.  You don’t earn enough: You hear stories of other advisers earning £100,000 - £200,000 as their basic package with profit distributions on top of that and think: “Why aren’t I earning that sort of money?”


4.  You are the bank: When trouble strikes, it’s your income that drops, while everyone else is still paid their going rate. You work late, while they still pack up and head home in time for shepherd’s pie with the kids.


5. Your business makes too little profit: You make a net profit margin (before tax) of 0% - 15% of turnover. A good net profit margin is 25% or more of turnover (before tax and after you’ve been paid a fair market salary). This is your return for the risks you take and the capital you’ve invested.


Any of this ring true?

Of course, this isn’t to say being hands-on can’t be fun or rewarding, but ideally, you’re able to step back if you choose.

What it should (and can) look like:


When you’ve unleashed your business’ full potential, there should come a point where:


  • The business runs itself.

  • You earn what you’re worth.

  • Your business asset can be sold for a premium price (if and when you decide to sell).


"I felt that suddenly someone was actually speaking my language and really understood the challenges faced in financial planning firms.  Brett’s common sense approach, straight talk and level of support has been a real game changer."

Shona Barr - Affinity IFA (Class of 2015)

You know it needs to change.


Let me help you...


  • Improve client quality.

  • Build a team you can rely on.

  • Improve productivity.

  • Make good use of technology (new and existing).

  • Nail your target market and your proposition to them.

  • Build a strong brand in your niche or location.

  • Create work processes that are tailored to your business.


The UYBP programme literally supercharged our progress.  We rapidly gained clarity on our business plan and the steps we needed to take. Our
clients now receive a full-fat and outstanding financial planning experience that’s built on a solid and sustainable business foundation.  UYBP has transformed our business across the board.

Tracey and Derek Evans - Juno Wealth Management
(Class of 2014)

Brett Davidson


When you work with FP Advance you work with me, Brett Davidson, directly.


My motto is ‘advise better, live better’ and I practice what I preach. I'm straight talking and get to the heart of an issue quickly. There's no beating about the bush, just a focus on helping things improve.

I’ll show you how to do it right.


In my experience everything is solvable; and I mean everything.


No matter how complicated you think your situation might be, with some sound decision-making and commitment you can uncover the potential in your business.


I ran my own financial planning business for 14 years in Australia, taking it from:


  • An old-model insurance business…

  • To a new-model financial planning business…

  • Right through to a personal sale and exit

I’ve worked it from A to Z, and in the last decade as a business consultant to advisers in the UK, I’ve helped many of them do it too.

If you can uncover the potential in your business, life will change. You’ll see:

  • A substantial rise in personal income.

  • An sharp increase in profitability, with no conflict of interest.

  • More time to spend playing with your kids, lying on white sandy beaches with the love of your life, or watching that boxset, uninterrupted (when you’ve got the whole house to yourself).

  • The feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from doing something meaningful.


"I wasn’t sure what I would get out of the course, because I thought my business was doing alright, but I joined with an open mind and have been blown away by the difference it has made. A fantastic way to ensure that all those things you always wanted to do in your business actually get done, and that you unlock the amazing potential in your business. I strongly recommend it"

Tina Weeks - Serenity Financial Planning (Class of 2016)


Are you ready to make it happen?


Uncover Your Business Potential is a coaching and mentoring programme for owners and managers of financial planning firms.


The course is facilitated by me, Brett Davidson.


We strictly limit the number we accept for each round, to make sure you receive personal attention and get to connect closely with the other adviser/owners.


The full course runs over three years, taking you through all aspects of running a high-quality, client-focused and profitable financial planning firm.


The three-year timeframe ensures all steps are understood, and then embedded into your business.


You don’t have to commit for the full 3 years, however. You’re invited to subscribe for 12 months at a time.

"At the outset, three years seemed a long time.  It’s not! We are a totally different business to what we were 3 years ago. Put simply, we deal with less people with more money, and our revenue and profits have grown significantly"

Angus and Shadi Kirk - Bridge Investments (Class of 2014)

Our attention’s on you. You’ll get:


In-Person Group Coaching: Face-to-face group coaching days are held every 90 days . I’m there facilitating all these meetings. Each group coaching day contains a specific Business Management module that will ensure you can execute everything you learn in the course. This step is essential to give you confidence and assurance that you stay on track. I assure you, with what we are going to teach you about execution, you will.


Continuous Personalised Attention: I will be personally available throughout the course to speak to you to answer any specific issues you need to be addressed.

"With Brett’s help, all four Partners have reached agreement on so many important business areas and as a result, we are now certainly starting to
fulfil our full potential as a business. We have a clearly defined strategy for the future which is exciting for all concerned."

Robert Corbett, Senior Partner – Simpsons Wealth Management (Class of 2015)


What’s your investment?


Your course costs are payable monthly: £650 per month plus VAT.

The combined hours you’ll spend with me at my current consulting rate would cost you between £24,000 and £36,000 plus VAT per year (if I were even able to offer that kind of time). Uncover Your Business Potential offers you great value at £650 per month plus VAT - you pay far less and get to make great connections with like-minded firms and still get individual attention.

Uncover Your Business Potential allows you to get going without having to find a massive
up-front investment.

"Overall there has been a big shift in our mindset and we now have the confidence to work exclusively with our ideal clients. There is lots of practical information and suggestions that you can start implementing immediately."

Emily Turgoose and Graham Day - Maybury Financial Planning (Class of 2016)


Group Format


Working as part of a coaching group has several benefits:


  • You learn invaluable takeaways from other people’s shared experiences.

  • Cost of access is significantly lower than one-to-one consulting

  • It encourages greater accountability and follow-through. Businesses that get stuff done, move forward.


The group meets in London once every quarter; this 90-day learning and implementation cycle has proven to be very effective.


This hands-on course consists of:


  • An online portal where all information is available to you 24/7.

  • Personalised individual coaching.

  • Module based face-to-face group coaching days.

  • Priceless networking opportunities.


Each individual portion of this multifaceted programme is designed to help you realise the vision you have for your business, based on the proven tools I used to build my own successful business.

Want to get your business firing on all cylinders?

Then join me and an amazing group of motivated business owners for Uncover Your Business Potential course 2019.




Why Is Uncover Your Business Potential Different?

Why Should I come?

Why Is 'Uncover Your Business Potential' A Three Year Course?


What Will I Get?

How Much Does It Cost?

How Do I Sign Up?

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Have more questions?
I’m here to answer them. Feel free to email me at
I want you to feel sure about this bold, game-changing move you’re about to make.

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